SUSE, Global Player in Open Source Software, Collaborates with hastexo to leverage OpenStack for Learning Management and Courseware Development

Madrid, Spain (2017 Open edX Conference)

May 24, 2017

Coinciding with the annual gathering of users and developers of the Open edX Platform, the 2017 Open edX Conference (, hastexo is happy to announce that SUSE ( has selected Open edX as the basis of its platform for learning systems management and courseware development.

The announcement comes at a time when hundreds of information technology companies are dealing with the rapidly progressing development of increasingly complex platforms across the industry. Technologies like OpenStack, Ceph, Kubernetes, and many others are inherently built for speed, scale, and cost savings — but the most important challenge that organizations face in relation to these technologies is skill building.

Innovative companies like SUSE realize that skill development and training — of employees and partners alike — must match the pace of technology. As such, organizations are trending toward fully autonomous, self-paced, on-line training, and Open edX is a perfect platform for that purpose.

hastexo, SUSE's partner in this endeavor, is an active contributor to the Open edX project and has developed an open source solution that enables SUSE learners to spin up arbitrarily complex distributed lab environments, on demand, in an OpenStack private or public cloud. SUSE has launched the on-demand platform to both its employees and partners.

About hastexo

hastexo is an independent professional services organization specializing in open source solutions for cloud computing, distributed storage, and self-paced on-line training. The company is heavily involved in the OpenStack, Ceph, and Open edX communities and offers its services world-wide. hastexo currently serves customers on five continents, and continuously expands its customer base. hastexo’s web site is, and its self-paced learning courses are offered from