I wrote previously about PearPC, great PowerPC emulator. Since then, significant progress has been made. Most importantly, with a little outside help, network access is now possible from inside of Mac to your Windows PC as well as Internet.

PearPC enables Mac OS X on Windows

Also, 0.4pre-release version is available for download from various sites (not from official site) which add significant speed improvements. Look for download links on PearPC portal - I have AMD’s AthlonXP processor thus I’m using Richard Goodwin’s build optimized for it.

My PC is AthlonXP 2500+ with 1GB of RAM. I set 512MB in PearPC config file and Mac is pretty usable with such setup. Speed improvement over 0.2 version I tried earlier is enormous and I dare to say that from this version PearPC is a must for web developers that does not have access to Mac machines. This is as low-cost testing environment as you can get. With multiple installation copies and different config files on one hard disk this opens up many possibilities. Like - you can have Jaguar install (with Safari 1.0), one or two Panthers (with 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 Safari versions) and even Tiger (I do not have it, though).

Now, onward with network installation, which can get really nasty and tricky. It took me 3 evenings of trying this and that until I got it working.