Via Christian, for you Sunday morning reading, Zend have a collection of articles up on PHP5 in Depth.

XML in PHP 5 – What’s New? – Christian with the lowdown.

PHP SOAP Extension (!) Dmitry Stogov explains the new SOAP extension (which looks like its going to be default functionality for PHP5)

SQLite Introduction Ilia Aleshentsky introduces PHP5 in built database engine.

Tidying up your HTML with PHP 5 John Coggeshall introduces the work he’s been doing to get us all to clean up our HTML acts.

Com_dotnet Wey Furlong covers what he’s been doing with overhauling PHPs ability to natively interop with Windows.

Using ext/mysqli: Part I – Overview and Prepared Statements – Zak Greant and Georg Richter looking at functionality in PHP5’s second MySQL extension.