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 Feb 12, 2001  


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Revision History

Version Release Date Comment
1.0.2 Feb 14, 2001 Fixed a bug reported by Chadi Kassan. The DSN.REG file that is created by the program has the header "Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00" which will not work on NT4 systems. I've added a check for that and if the program is run on NT4, it will use the correct "REGEDIT4" header. Thanks for the feedback Chadi!
1.0.1 Feb 8, 2001 Fixed a bug reported by Allan Mitchell. While creating a file DSN, if the server name was "(local)" and the user selected the ServerName as Prefix option, the resulting DSN would not show up in the ODBC applet (the DSN would be created as (LOCAL)_dbname.DSN).