To say I’m excited about the latest book release from Sitepoint is an understatement. “The Flash Anthology: Cool Effects & Practical ActionScript” is the latest offering from Sitepoint for Flash users, and I’m proud to be involved in such a book.

The release of the book occured during my annual leave, so unfortunately I haven’t been able to get to a PC to blog about it, but I will be busy the coming weeks in the Flash Blog as I have some rather interesting commands that you will I’m sure be interested in!

Whilst writing the book, I always tried to maintain a sense of reality and not just produce one-shot effects that were little or no use to anyone.

It was to this end that I created a plethora of effects ranging from navigation, sound to video and form creation with their feet firmly planted in the real world. Practically all the examples in the book have extended modifications for each effect to achieve differing results, as well as suggestions on how you can further modify the projects to suit your needs.

I hope you enjoy reading and implementing the effects in the book as much as I did writing them, so keep the comments rolling