Harvard Square, Cambridge, facing Harvard University. 
A great place to celebrate a (FINALLY!) REAL spring day! 
Entering Harvard Yard from Mass. Ave.
Surprise! An artist who was also part performer
as he interacted with his passing audience.
He's a graduate student and 
he's going to paint various other Harvard views.
Signs of Spring on a New England college campus!
Who belongs to the little bike, I wonder? 
(Sharon, you probably have the story!)
Great public transportation in the whole Boston area.
Tiny transportation waiting for bigger subway transportation.
Transportation that is occupied displaying flowers.
All the flower shop doors are open! After months of gray:
Here is COLOR!!
 People are buying pussy willows like crazy!
More transportation that is taking a break with its rider. 
Benches are filled with folks reading...
 Everywhere people reading...
Aaaah, reading by sunlight with a cool breeze...
Maybe the readers bought books from one of the 7 or so book shops in the area.
 (There used to be many more. Then came electronic books...) 
One of the remaining bookstores is Schoenhofs Foreign Books. 
Founded in 1856, it's the largest foreign language bookstore in America.
Learning materials in over 700 languages & dialects & 
fiction & non-fiction & children's books in 50 languages. 
All over Cambridge you hear so many languages!
While I was browsing the French children's books 
the nice bookseller put French music on for me. 
Did you know that April 2 was International Children's Book Day?
Out of Town News is right in the heart of Harvard Square.  
It almost went out of business due to the advent of online periodicals, but
in 2009 a new owner saved it. And I am thrilled he did. 
 Folks on this fine day are reading in outdoor cafés...
And chatting.
 These guys are eating & chatting too. But not reading...
If you stop to carefully look, they are really pretty.
This sunny day reminds me that soon it will be summer hat season.
For an authentic Panama Hat go to the gorgeous Goorin Brothers Hat Shop,
a family business established in 1895. And they have a nice selection of 
pretty feathers for your cap (for a pretty price, though).
 Don't forget your sun hat when you are hanging out in the park at Harvard Square,
listening to music (& reading or chatting).
If you & your spirit have never done that, I highly recommend it!