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A Good Read

We need to rethink technology for the 21st century

As the digital era draws to a close and has been according to Greg Satell been a ‘huge disappointment’, we are now entering a new age of convergence which is likely to far surpass anything that happened during the digital revolution.

By Greg Satell


Strategy & Execution

Digital transformation: 3 ways to make room for experimentation

Digital transformation demands experiments – some of which will not work. But many organizations struggle to get past the barriers to true experimentation.

By David F Carr

Dynamic Innovation Portfolio Management

Companies striving for growth through innovation realize they cannot do everything they want to do. Leaders must confront core business and new-growth tension and set priorities. Since resource capacity is the primary constraint in most organizations, decision makers must be comfortable saying no to many promising projects to ensure the success of higher value projects.

By Noel Sobelman


Platforms & Ecosystems

An Agenda for Business Ecosystem Leadership 

A comprehensive discussion on the twelve key issues executives need to be aware of when building the capabilities required for business ecosystems.

By Roland Deiser of The Centre For The Future Of Organization

Platform Strategy & Execution for Corporates – key principles and examples

A masterclass on platform business models from Simon Torrance as he presents at the recent Innov8rs Connect Unconference where along with a Q&A session you’ll discover the what, why and how of platform business models.

By Simon Torrance

Evolving partner roles in Industry 4.0

Companies are increasingly looking to build out their partner ecosystems to generate market-ready solutions and speed time to market. This article, 12th in our series on digital transformation, discusses how partner roles are evolving

From Deloitte Insights


Leadership & Organisation

Designing customer centric organisations for sustainable growth

In this episode, of the Leading Digital Transformation series Heidi Beets says, “successful businesses don’t just happen, they are designed”. Beginning with commerciality in mind Heidi discusses how to find the sweet spot between strategic innovation and business optimisation for fast and sustainable growth.

An Interview With Heidi Beets

The Role of ONA in the Future of Work: Enabling Distributed Flat Hierarchies

In this article Francesco Marin explores what an organization with the highest possible degree of decentralization and digitalization and the least hierarchy would look like, why this is relevant for the future of work and the role that organizational network analysis (ONA) plays in it

By Francisco Marin

Knowing Which Organization Capabilities Make a Difference

Talent matters; organization matters even more. In our research, organization has four times more impact than talent on business results. Individual competencies are ingredients, but organization capabilities represent the recipe that combines ingredients into an overall meal experience.”

By David Ulrich


Culture & Mindset

Company Culture: the beautiful dancer who is rarely asked to dance.

“When investing in a business recovery or business pivoting initiative, if the employees’ beliefs and patterns are left out or approached half-heartedly, sooner rather then later, the investment done in any of the other more trendy or popular solutions, will either be lost forever or have an extremely compromised ROI.”

By Claudia Palmero

How do the world’s most admired brands use Culture to fuel their Transformation?

Hilton Barbour has conducted over 40 interviews with leaders from many of the world’s most admired businesses and brands to give you unique insights into the importance of culture on the success on the success of their transformation initiatives. You can get his Free eBooks here.

By Hilton Barbour


Ways of Working

The difference between a mob and a crowd

Author Ken Blanchard coined the oft-quoted phrase: “None of us is as smart as all of us.”  In his work on Collective Intelligence Rod Collins has observed with remarkable consistency that these highly facilitated workshops on collective intelligence yield extraordinary solutions that the participants generally agree are beyond what any single individual could devise.

By Rod Collins


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