The rise of online shopping has created a healthy landscape for entrepreneurs to build profitable eCommerce businesses. And while having an awesome product or service to sell is important, the platform on which you build your eCommerce store is also critical.

The WordPress plugin you decide to use for your eCommerce store will affect the user experience of your customers, from the moment they start browsing your products, to when they start checking out and entering their payment details. Having the best WordPress plugins for eCommerce in your arsenal will put you ahead of the pack.

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5 of the best WordPress plugins for eCommerce

With the help of a few great plugins, WordPress can be converted into a powerful, feature-rich eCommerce website. Best of all, some of these plugins can save you from the recurring membership costs of web-based eCommerce platforms.

  1. WooCommerce.

  2. Easy Digital Downloads.

  3. MemberPress.

  4. Ecwid.

  5. Yoast SEO.

Let’s take a look.

1. WooCommerce

When you’re looking for an eCommerce plugin that is plug-and-play, WooCommerce takes the gold by a landslide. WooCommerce is one of the few WordPress plugins that have been around for nearly as long as WordPress itself.

The development team at WooCommerce has done a fantastic job at creating a plugin that can be used by anyone ranging from new entrepreneurs with minimal technical expertise to the most advanced web developers who need to customize a plugin to meet the unique needs of a business.

WooCommerce can be installed in just minutes and gives you plenty of settings to customize each product within your catalog.

To help get you started, WooCommerce has a gallery of WordPress themes that are both paid and free. This can help you start building your product or service catalog quickly without having to pay for a web developer’s time.

Looking to add certain functionality to your store? WooCommerce also has a large library of extensions that will instantly add new features to your online store, like the ability to sell monthly subscriptions using WooCommerce.

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2. Easy Digital Downloads

For those who are looking to sell digital products online like eBooks, online courses, guides and tutorials, Easy Digital Downloads is a great option when it comes to building your eCommerce site on WordPress.

The needs of digital businesses are different than those that sell physical products that require shipping, and Easy Digital Downloads caters to those unique needs.

A digital download business needs a customer management system, a shopping cart, and most importantly, a way to facilitate digital downloads only after a payment has been made by the customer.

Easy Digital Downloads makes this setup quick and runs on the power of the WordPress platform to ensure a robust and efficient framework.


Easy Digital Downloads also has themes available to get you started on your digital download eCommerce store.

Although this is a paid plugin, having a plugin that instantly enables you to sell your digital products and also helps you stay organized with a full customer management system, makes it worth every penny.

Best WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Easy
Photo: Easy Digital Downloads

3. MemberPress

With membership sites becoming more popular, WordPress has become a perfect platform to host your very own membership eCommerce site.

Whether you’re looking to build an educational website with training materials, or perhaps an online magazine that’s looking to sell monthly subscriptions, MemberPress makes building a monetized membership site incredibly easy.

MemberPress comes fully loaded with all of the necessary membership site features like automatic subscription billing, payment integration, content protection, content dripping, and even a self-serve member dashboard. MemberPress will work with any theme you’re already using on WordPress, so installation and setup should be pretty quick.

The lowest priced tier comes loaded with a handful of features to get started, and plenty of integrations with popular email marketing services.

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4. Ecwid

If you’re looking for a way to get your store in as many places as possible, look no further. Ecwid is a platform that integrates your online store not only on WordPress, but also on other online mediums like Facebook, Instagram, eBay and Google Shopping.

Ecwid is a great option for online stores that need to integrate their store on multiple sites, including blogs.


Ecwid gives online store owners all of the eCommerce features they need including inventory management, digital sales, promo codes, and the ability to accept multiple payment methods.

While Ecwid offers a large set of features, most of them are not available on their free plans. Most of the notable features are included exclusively in their monthly paid plans, although you can get a discount for paying for their annual plans.

5. Yoast SEO

Best WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Yoast
Photo: Yoast SEO

Once you’ve got your eCommerce site up and running, you will need a way to get paying customers to find you. Paid advertising gives online businesses a great way to drive traffic to their websites, but the ultimate way to get free, organic traffic, is by having an effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

Yoast SEO is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you set up your eCommerce store correctly to ensure that your website is getting the organic search traffic it deserves. Each page, product, and blog post on your WordPress site can be optimized with keywords and important components that make Google and Bing rank your website higher for relevant search terms.

This SEO plugin is simple and gets the job done without having to hire an SEO expert or agency that charges expensive rates. Yoast SEO will walk you through making sure each page is successfully optimized with the help of a checklist that updates as you make changes.

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Choosing the right WordPress plugins for eCommerce

Not all businesses are built the same, and thus each eCommerce site will have unique needs that may not be met by just one plugin. The plugins mentioned in this post are all great because they have important features that are essential to different types of stores.

When picking the right plugin, you should think about the needs of your eCommerce store and find a plugin that best solves for those needs.

An eCommerce store that sells physical products and requires shipping will need inventory management, shipment tracking and product variables. On the other hand, an online course store will need a membership platform that can effectively and securely provide a membership experience that will keep customers happy.

By considering the specific and unique needs of your store, you will be able to select a WordPress eCommerce plugin that will give your customers a great shopping experience and will allow you to run your business effectively!

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