It is common for today’s scientific and business industries to collect large amounts of data, and the ability to analyze the data and learn from it is critical to making informed decisions. Familiarity with software such as R allows users to visualize data, run statistical tests, and apply machine learning algorithms. Even if you already know other software, there are still good reasons to learn R:
1. R is free. If your future employer does not already have R installed, you can always download it for free, unlike other proprietary software packages that require expensive licenses. No matter where you travel, you can have access to R on your computer.
2. R gives you access to cutting-edge technology. Top researchers develop statistical learning methods in R, and new algorithms are constantly added to the list of packages you can download.
3. R is a useful skill. Employers that value analytics recognize R as useful and important. If for no other reason, learning R is worthwhile to help boost your resume.
R for Machine Learning