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HTC have their “Double Exposure” event next week and we’ve seen all sorts of rumours and conjecture as to what this might mean. Are we to see a new device? Two new devices? Are they just going to be smartphones? We’ve already seen the HTC Desire Eye leaked and now @HTCFamily_Ru has tweeted a couple of images, too, which shows off the HTC Desire Eye as we’ve already seen. We covered the rumoured device of days ago. The Desire Eye has a 13 MP front facing camera including a dual LED flash, but the image posted didn’t appear to show the BoomSound speaker grills. There are also rumours that the Desire Eye will be water resistant to one metre for thirty minutes.

Let’s throw in the concept of the HTC M8 Eye into the ring, which might have a higher megapixel rear camera. Perhaps a higher number of megapixels on the front too? We don’t know. As Kristijan said in the linked back article, HTC originally used the Desire name for their flagship 2010 handset, the HTC Desire. This was joined by the HTC Desire HD but in 2011, HTC relegated the Desire badge for their mid-range devices. And that’s largely where the Desire badge found itself, with some models dipping into the lower end of the scale. I don’t expect a HTC Desire Eye to have comparable specification to the HTC One M8. Perhaps the Desire Eye will be a blend of One size and design with lower end processor and screen resolution? Or perhaps it’ll be closer to the One Mini 2? We only have a few days before we find out.

We should also take a look at history to see what HTC did to their former flagship handsets. In 2012, the HTC One X was improved late in the year to produce the HTC One X+, which raised the battery capacity to 2,100 mAh (from 1,800 mAh), increased clock speed from 1.5 GHz to 1.7 GHz and raised internal storage to 64 GB. HTC didn’t do this with the One (M7) but perhaps they’ll look to do something similar with the M8? For most of the world, the M8 was released with a quad core 2.3 GHz processor so perhaps this will be bumped up to 2.5 GHz? Perhaps we’ll see the internal storage increased from 16 or 32 GB to 64 GB? And perhaps the camera will be improved, too? I don’t see it unrealistic that HTC will give the M8 a little specification bump.

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