Introducing LegDay, a customer service chatbot for gyms.

Although chatbots have been around since the release of ELIZA in 1966, texting and chatbots have only recently begun to revolutionize customer service. We’re seeing industries like retail, travel and events adopt chatbots with great success. Now it’s time for health clubs to do the same or get left behind to new ways of working out. We’re building LegDay to lead the charge.

LegDay makes a customer service chatbot for gyms. Our mission is to empower gyms with technology that engages customers beyond the front desk, streamlines operations and accelerates revenue. Here’s how we make this happen.

Regular interactions with gym customers have been demonstrated to increase the frequency of club visits. It’s also clear that getting customers to visit your gym generates greater revenue. At LegDay, our product value is derived from increasing the number of interactions customers have with your gym. We do this by making it as convenient as possible for today’s customers to engage.

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LegDay’s chatbot makes it easy for customers to interact with your gym because: First, there’s no app. Nothing to download. Second, we use landline texting, a powerful new technology that enables landline phone numbers to send and receive SMS texts. This means that customers (members and non-members alike) simply text your gym’s existing business number instead of calling or sending an email. And soon our chatbot will be available on other messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Apple iMessage which will lead to even more discovery for your gym.

The following short stories demonstrate the benefits of our chatbot:

Automate replies, resolve issues faster and reduce negative reviews on Yelp and Facebook.

Meet Steven, a member using your gym’s sauna when the heater breaks down. He’d rather write a bad Yelp/Facebook review than walk all the way to the front desk to report the issue. But wait! He sees a sign on the wall that instructs him to send a text to report issues. Just like that––a poor review turns into a text message received and handled by the chatbot which immediately acknowledges Steven’s complaint. Shortly after reporting the issue, the sauna is fixed by the technician and Steven automatically receives a follow-up text from the chatbot letting him know. A Net Promoter Score (NPS) Detractor has just converted into a Promoter.

Increase interactions. Get more visits and engagement. Accelerate Revenue.

Meet Kim, a new member of your gym who’s interested in group fitness. During Kim’s membership consultation, she learned about the chatbot and saved the number in her phone. The next week, Kim wants to attend her first class. Instead of calling, searching online or downloading an app, she simply texts your gym for the schedule. After getting times and information, Kim reserves a spot and pays for the 4pm Yoga class — no app needed.

But oh no… your Yoga instructor, Kelly, calls in sick for her upcoming 4pm class which starts in an hour. (Sound familiar?) Our story continues…

Streamline operations and communicate announcements all through texting.

Meet Jim, the general manager at your gym. Being an experienced general manager, Jim is well aware that cancelled classes are among the four specific hassles most strongly related to NPS Detractors. So the first thing Jim attempts to do is find a substitute. After calling several instructors, no one is available and now class starts in 45 minutes. Time to cancel but most importantly, communicate the cancellation as quickly as possible. The goal is to save members like Kim from showing up for Yoga class only to find a “sorry” sign on the door. The last thing you want is a disgruntled customer or angry Yelp/Facebook review.

“My 9:30am yoga class was ok. It was my first time doing it so I didn’t know what to expect. The only downside was the class was supposed to include meditation — which I really wanted to do — but the original instructor called out sick.”
(actual Facebook review from Steven S.)

Before using LegDay, Jim used to communicate the cancellation through Facebook and the club’s mobile app. But despite his efforts, members would still show up unaware of the change. That’s because Jim wasn’t meeting consumers where consumers are. Now with LegDay, all Jim has to do is send a quick text to his club’s chatbot, “Yoga at 4pm today has been cancelled.” The chatbot confirms the information and notifies those who planned on attending. Effortless. Effective.

“For high membership fees and having an app, not being able to communicate emergency closures to members without having to go to the gym is unacceptable. They should value their customers!!!”
(actual Yelp review from Sarah W.)

Only spend time on qualified leads and eliminate phone tag with two-way messaging.

Meet Megan, a recent college grad who just relocated for work. Megan is looking to join a gym in her new city and finds your location on Yelp. With a ton of great reviews, she’s definitely interested but still has some more questions. This is where LegDay’s chatbot comes into play. Your gym’s Yelp page will display an icon to let visitors know they can send a text for any questions. So with the tap of an icon, Megan starts a conversation with your gym and texts, “How many squat racks do you have?” The chatbot immediately responds and then continues the conversation by collecting some information about Megan.

A few texts later, Megan has another question. This time it’s one that the bot doesn’t have a response for. No problem. At LegDay, we have human trainers standing by to teach the bot what to say in these situations. That way, customers never have a poor experience and always get accurate information.

Now that Megan has gotten all of her questions answered, she’s ready to move forward and sign up. The chatbot immediately forwards the information to your gym’s sales desk and facilitates a seamless handoff from bot to human. A few hours later, your newest member, Megan, shows up ready for her club tour and fitness consultation.

Ready to try it out for yourself?

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