User-generated content on Instagram is pretty much a free advertising campaign run by your followers… without you necessarily asking them to.

Does that sound like a dream? You’re not far off! But you do need to know how to get your customers to produce it to reap the benefits.

Why does UGC work for brands?

UGC is great because it proves customer satisfaction and loyalty to a brand. It’s also cost-effective because it’s free content, willingly and authentically produced by customers. The big bonus on UGC is that it’s often more trusted by potential customers than traditional brand advertising and product marketing.

How can you get your hands on it?

The best way to source UGC on Instagram is to ask for it. We suggest hosting a UGC contest for your community to get them excited to win a fantastic prize. If your brand is not well known, it’s worth working to build up your follower base and get popular before starting.

What can you do with it?

Once you’ve successfully harvested a ton of UGC, you can use it to do so much! Repost the content to your Instagram account for adapted, easy posts that sell your brand effortlessly. Post your best content to other social media channels to get the word out, and even use the images on your Instagram and Facebook Ads! The possibilities are endless. You worked hard to get your name, so you deserve this great user-generated content – make the most of it!

We hope this post was helpful to you – please let us know if you’re using UGC or are planning on harvesting some for your business in the comments!

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