It's that time of the month again - the Power BI March 2021 Feature Summary has been released. A number of smaller tweaks to existing features this month it seems, but still plenty to be excited about. That being said, a lovely bit of new functionality has been added to the CALCULATE function, which now allows you to write logical OR filters inside a single filter argument, without having to use the FILTER function. We've also been told that Support of external tools in Power BI Desktop is GA, which is great. Don't forget about the Business Ops tool the Power BI Tips team made to put all the main external tools under a single roof to make it easy for you to browse and install external tools as you please.

Elsewhere this week, the Visual Data Prep (Diagram View in Power Query Online) is now GA, the On-premises data gateway March 2021 update is now available, and ODBC support available for Paginated Reports is in public preview, opening up a bunch of new connectivity scenarios.

Finally, I highlighted a blog last week describing the various Power Platform components working together. This week Charles Sterling has joined Reid Havens to run through a bunch of use-cases when it comes to integrating the products, giving a couple of demos along the way. Well worth checking that out - Power BI by itself is amazing, but integrating Power Apps and Power Automate opens up so many new doors.