pokemon chilling reigns card list

The Pokemon TCG is undergoing a massive resurgence currently. Influencers, celebrities, collectors and more are dipping their toes in what is becoming an increasingly lucrative market.

Coupled with the franchise’s 25th anniversary and the recent McDonald’s Pokemon promotion, hype around the cards are at a recent high.

Recently, players were treated to the exciting Shining Fates set – providing they could get their hands on them and we’re just a few days away from the next set, Battle Styles. Now, however, Pokebeach has announced the name of the next Trading Card Game set, “Chilling Reign”.

This has got a lot of people thinking it’s going to be based on The Crown Tundra DLC from Pokemon Sword and Shield, so we thought we’d take a shot at predicting some of the best cards from the Chilling Reign Card List. Let’s have a go.

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Chilling Reign Card List Predictions: Glastrier and Spectrier

Starting off with an easy one – Glastrier and Spectrier (along with Calyrex) were the main new legendary Pokemon from The Crown Tundra. With Glastrier being an Ice-type Pokemon and Spectrier being Ghost-type, the “Chilling” just makes too much sense. It would be a shock if these two didn’t headline this new set. With their cool designs, these could make for really good looking cards.

Chilling Reign Card List Predictions: Regileki and Regidrago

Two more brand new legendary Pokemon from The Crown Tundra were Regileki and Regidrago – part of the Regi family. Like Glastrier and Spectirer, it makes sense for The Pokemon Company to give these two Pokemon their trading card debuts somewhere in the Chilling Reign card list.

Mr. Rime

Unlike the above four Pokemon, Mr. Rime has already made an appearance in the Pokemon Trading Card game, but, this set presents a perfect opportunity to give him a special, V Card. It doesn’t have to be the rarest card in the set, but a full art Mr. Rime card would be very welcome.


Chandelure is a very popular Pokemon. It’s a chandelier, that’s a ghost, what’s not to love. It’s a Pokemon that often flirts with the Meta in the Pokemon games and one that hasn’t got a lot of recognition in the TCG. If this set is heavily Ghost/Ice-type focused, Chandelure could make a nice Ghost-type V Card.


One of the joys of the newer Pokemon games, especially Sword and Shield is seeing giant Pokemon roaming the landscapes. Not many are as daunting however as the giant Ice dinosaur, Aurorus. The Pokemon is underutilized in the history of the TCG, only appearing a handful of times, so what better time to reinvigorate it than in this set.

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