How to Communicate Empathetically with your team

How are you approaching your leadership strategy in 2021?

With many businesses still planning on working from home well into the New Year, your leadership approach may look different than in years past. In the Salesforce Trailhead unit, “Communicate Empathetically with Your Team,” we learn:

  • How to lead meetings that keep team members engaged and informed
  • How to redesign team communications
  • The importance of making yourself available to your team

When it comes to communication, Salesforce Trailhead advises that you keep your messaging to your team clear and consistent.

This is especially important to do in challenging times and while the majority of your staff may still be working completely from home in the New Year.

When times of difficulty arise, keeping your team “in-the-know” will help to reassure them, make them feel secure, and encourage them to come to you with any questions or concerns they may have. Lying this foundation from the get-go establishes trust and loyalty.

You may need to alter your communication strategy to suit their needs in 2021. Consider how you were communicating with your team before the pandemic compared to now. In the past year, what have you learned that works? What doesn’t? What do you think could be improved upon?

How can you revise your strategies to help boost your team’s productivity or keep them flowing in 2021? Get your team involved in this conversation! Ask for feedback.

Figure out what meeting styles they like and when they prefer to have them, what communication strategies they prefer, how they prefer to track their tasks and meetings, etc. Don’t be afraid to implement new methods that you feel may be more effective for your team in 2021.

2021 may prompt you to reimagine how your team meetings are conducted based on the feedback you gather.

Get key members of your team involved to decide how your communication methods should be reimagined moving into this year.

On a similar note, Salesforce Trailhead advises that you should invite your team to ask questions. Give your team the time to ask questions candidly. Many of them may have the same questions about what 2021 will look like for your business.

This gives leadership and employees the chance to establish an open dialogue and trust.

Salesforce encourages leadership to communicate regularly and inclusively with their teams. Consider showing yourself in your home. “Remember, real is better than perfect.”

There is a lot of power in showing your face and having video communications.

Share tips with your team, speak from your heart, explain how recent developments have impacted the business and team, and, most importantly, thank the team for their work.

Keep your open-door policy alive, even virtually.

Salesforce provides more details and tips to ensure your success as a leader in the digital space in 2021.

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