The Drillthrough Settings dialog, shown in Illustration 7 below, warns us that the cube must be saved for the changes we have just made to take effect, as shown below.

Click for larger image

Illustration 7: The Drillthrough Settings Warning Dialog

15.  Click OK.


We now need to process the cube to implant our drillthrough setup.

16.  Select the Tools top menu item.

17.  Select Process Cube on the cascading menu, as shown in Illustration 8 below:


Illustration 8: Select Process Cube (Circled in Red)

Note that we might have clicked the Process Cube button (shown in Illustration 9) to accomplish the same thing.

Illustration 9: The Process Cube Button

We receive another warning about saving the cube (unless we made it a special point to save it after our changes and immediately before the last step.)

18.  Click OK.

A dialog appears warning us about aggregations and giving us the opportunity to take advantage of the Storage Wizard to help us with the aggregation design process. The dialog appears below.

Illustration 10: "Just Say No" to Storage Design

19.  Click No to continue.

The Process a Cube dialog appears. Here we can select from three processing options as follows:

  • Incremental update
  • Refresh data
  • Full Process

We are also given the option to incrementally update the dimensions of this cube, as well as to specify additional cube processing options. We will select Full Processing, and leave all else as it is, as shown in Illustration 11.

Illustration 11: Select Full Process

20.  Select the Full Process radio button.

21.  Click OK.

The cube begins processing, displaying a Process Log window. Once it has finished, a green message across the bottom of the Log window indicates this, as depicted in the next illustration.

Illustration 12: "Processing Completed Successfully" appears in the Log Window

22.  Click Close on the Process Log window.

Drilling through from Analysis Services

We have now enabled drillthrough from the cube editor, and reprocessed the cube to embed the drillthrough design into its structure. We must do this whether we intend to drill through from Analysis Services, as we will do next, or from an MDX Query. In either case, drillthrough must be enabled within the cube before we can perform a drillthrough.

Performing a Drillthrough to the Details

The data is again retrieved in the data Preview pane. We can test the results of our work by double-clicking on a given cell and observing the drillthrough process. First, let's expand year 1998 by double clicking the 1998 column label.

23.  Expand year 1998 by double clicking the 1998 column label.

24.  Scroll over so that only 1998 Q1 through Q4 appears, as shown below.

Illustration 13: Expand 1998, and Display Q1 through Q4