Patch 8.3 PTR - Vulpera Allied Race Unlock Quest Preview
The most recent update to the PTR has added the quest chain to unlock the Vulpera as a Horde Allied Race. Horde characters who are exalted with the Voldunai can start the quest at the Orgrimmar Embassy.

  • The quest "Guests at Grommash Hold" is given by Ji Firepaw. He has received word that a vulpera caravan has arrived in Orgrimmar and wish to address the Horde. They have requested your presence.
  • You find the Orgrimmar counsel discussing matters of the Horde when you enter, including Thalyssra saying that the vintner refuses to work with the staff provided, and Zuldazar needs additional forces along the coast. Kiro is waiting patiently for you. He gives you the quest "Declaration of Intent and explains that the vulpera are ready to explore the world beyond Voldun. They know that Nisha can't be their only defense against the dangers that await them, and so they wish to join the horde.
  • Kiro explains their intent to Baine, who politely declines their request as meeting the needs of current allies has stretched the Horde thin. He says the vulpera are welcome in Orgrimmar, however.
  • Kiro gives you the quest "New Allies, New Problems" and suggests that you help the vulpera figure out what troubles the Horde so Baine can see their worth.
  • Thalyssra is troubled because arcwine production in Suramar has been difficult, Bladeguard Sonji is troubled by naga on Zuldazar's shores, and Commander Dresh is concerned as peons have vanished during construction on the Crushblow outpost.
  • You return to Kiro, who gives you the quest "No Problem Too Small." He suggests that you and the vulpera help out with these matters, and wants you to meet him in the Twilight Highlands.
  • You find Crushblow outpost is abandoned, and are given the quest "Where Are the Workers?" from Kiro, who suggests using his hyena Sasha to track the scent of the missing peons.
  • You track the peons to the basement of a nearby building where you find they are revolting due to unfit work conditions. Their leader, Foreman Magrok, wants to be warchief! You tell Kiro, who gives you the quests "A little Goodwill", "Worthwhile Repairs", and "Peon Promotions" to try and appease the peons.
  • You promote some peons, collect twilight ore, and use an enlarging totem to grow local wildlife and collect their meat and return to Kiro. He gives you the quest "A Party in Your Honor" and tells you to inform the Foreman that the Horde is throwing a party for the peons at Crushblow. You head back and find the peons partying and Kiro calls it a success. He gives you the quest "Strength and Honor" and tells you to challenge the peon leader to show the true strength of the Horde.
  • Beat up the foreman and then return to Kiro, who gives you the quest "Job's Done" and tells you to let Commander Dresh in Orgrimmar know it's been settled. You inform him and he thanks Baine, who says he cannot take credit for the events. You find Kiro nearby, who gives you the quest "On the Outskirts", telling you to find Nisha in Southern Zuldazar.
  • You find her just as she has dispatched some Naga, and get the quests "We'll Use Their Weapons", "Explosions Always Work", and "Destroying the Source." You plant explosives on some harpoon launchers, collect weapons from the naga, and destroy 3 Nazeshi Powercells to bring down the naga leader's shield. Nisha then gives you the quest "Taking Out the Tidecaller," suggesting you take out the leader while she deals with her brute bodyguard.
  • After killing them, Nisha gives you the quest "Threat Contained" and has you go tell Bladeguard Sonji the news. She also thanks Baine, who seems confused and states that the Horde did not deal with it. You talk to Kiro again, who gives the quest "Meet with Meerah," and are told to meet Meerah in Suramar's vineyards.
  • Meerah is concerned and gives the quest "The Vintner's Assistants" and says that the assistants provided by the Horde are causing production to slow. She has you investigate. You find out one of the incompetent assistants is none other than Nomi, who is sleeping nearby.
  • You return to Meerah, who gives the quest "Playing to Their Strengths," and Meerah suggests that you assign each assistant a role better suited to their strengths. You tell the goblin to collect ingredients, the tauren to stomp the grapes, and Nomi to make the recipe and then inform the vintner of the changes. Meerah gives you the quest "A Particular Process" and suggests you talk to Nomi about making wines that all the races of the Horde can enjoy. Nomi gives the quest "Fermented for the Horde" and wants you to collect ingredients for him.
  • You collect 10 Fermented Fireblooms by purchasing them from the goblin nearby, and 20 Silkwing Fibers from killing the moths outside. Nomi then gives you the quest "Sip and Savor" and has you deliver a sample to the vintner. Completing this quest gives you the toy Nomi's Vintage which lets you fly forward in BfA areas.
  • Meerah gives the quest "Awaiting Our Arrival" and has you return to Orgrimmar. Baine realizes it was the vulpera that helped and says he made a mistake. He gives the quest "New Allied Among Us" and says that even in times of peace the Horde has its problems, and he forgot that they are built on banding together. You then witness him welcome the vulpera into the Horde. Meerah has one final question before the end of the chain, hoping the Horde doesn't eat alpacas.

Changes to Korrak's Revenge
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
We have been reviewing your feedback since this event started and while acquiring supplies from the mines and mounts for the ram and wolf riders does contribute to the battle, we agree that these can be a bit repetitive. To that end, we are converting a number of quests within the Battleground into dailies and removing the reward for the repeatable turn-ins. Then to keep the focus on the BG, the amount of Timewarped Bages for both winning and losing are being doubled to 20 and 10 respectively.

Thank you for your feedback and we’ll see you out there!