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  • Gen Z might end up looking a lot like older millennials if they graduate into a recession worse than the 2008 financial crisis.
  • The generation is facing a dismal job market and uncertainty during its most transformative years. We want to know how you feel about it.
  • Are you a Gen Zer who feels your life has been upended? Please share your story with Business Insider in the survey below.
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The coronavirus pandemic has put Gen Z in a precarious position.

The generation, the oldest of whom turn 24 in 2020, may graduate into a recession worse than the 2008 financial crisis — one that could lead to earlier deaths and higher rates of illnesses.

Students graduating in 2020 have had in-person graduations — and jobs and internships — cancelled. And Gen Zers in the workforce are already bearing the brunt of coronavirus layoffs.

Such an unprecedented event as the coronavirus pandemic will likely have an unprecedented impact on America's youth. We need your help in identifying what that fallout will look out for Gen Z — and how Gen Z life has already changed since the pandemic began.

Are you a member of Gen Z? We want to talk to you. Please share your story with us in the survey below.

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