Han Kjøbenhavn – the Danish men’s fashion brand famous for its minimalist designs – loves to experiment. All the models during the arresting presentation of the brand’s new collection in 2015 wore Teva sandals. That’s how the idea of developing a special Han Kjøbenhavn sandal started. A special partnership between Teva and Han Kjøbenhavn that increasingly blurs the boundaries between outdoor and high fashion.

Fitzroy has developed a video together with Teva and Han Kjøbenhavn for this special sandal, shot in Copenhagen. The video is about the interplay of Han Kjøbenhavn’s urban roots and the outdoor life that is inextricably linked to Teva. We touch on a facet that is equally important in both worlds: determination. The images are accompanied by ‘The Quitter’, Robert W. Service’s poem about how to deal with setbacks.

The Teva x Han Kjøbenhavn collection will be sold in very limited numbers in Han Kjøbenhavn stores in New York, Paris and Copenhagen, by selected retailers and online.

Creative Credits:
Responsible parties at Teva : Barry Schmits, Priscilia Streefkerk
Concept : Fitzroy Amsterdam x Han Kjøbenhavn
Production : Nobody Danmark x Fitzroy Amsterdam
Director : Jeppe Kolstrup
DOP : Frederik Säll
Producer : Claus Moller
1.AD : Lachlan Forbes1.AC : Kenneth
Gaffer : Martin Riello
Set/Props Designer : Joshua Beckford
Stylist : Bjørg Frellesvig
Make-up : Marianne Rud
Production Assistant : Kristian Pugholm
Editor : Peter Brandt
Colourist : Norman Nisbet
Vfx : Andreas Blinkenberg
Sound Design : Lars Bo
Music : Kasper Bjorke