ScreenshotJust in case you weren’t content with a single fancy infographic this morning, Samsung has shared one of its own. But rather than detailing the Android update process, Samsung’s dose of edutainment shows the evolution of cell phone display technology.

The infographic begins with the company’s first analog cell phone, the SH100 back in 1988. It then chronicles the journey over the years to the first color phone in 2002, the first touch screen in 2009, the original Galaxy S in 2010, all the way to today’s newest flagships and their fancy 1080p HD Super AMOLED displays.

While you are probably familiar with most of the devices and specs Samsung has highlighted, it is interesting to see it all put into perspective in fun infographic form. Head over to the source link or click the thumbnail below to check out the full graphic.

[Source: Samsung Tomorrow Blog | Via Phandroid]