We love our strategy games here at Pocket Tactics. Not entirely sure why... maybe it's something to do with the name? I should go change that.

Some business news for you today – Survey Monkey have published a report they've put together on mobile videogame statistics. Please note this data only covers the US.

You can read the whole thing for yourself, but the most important takeaway from all this is Strategy Games = Money

Despite being 6th in the 'Time Spent per Month' chart, 8th in terms of monthly downloads and 9th in terms of Monthly Active Users, Strategy titles have the highest monthly revenue, and second highest 'Revenue per Active User', or ARPDAU.

RPG's also rank high in revenue, being second highest, and highest respectively, despite being quite low down the chart in terms of MAU's and downloads. Together the two categories account for over 30% of the revenue in the US market.

Survey Monkey warns that, while this is indicative of these types of games monetising extremely well (and to be fair they include games like Clash of Clans, Mobile Strike & Game of War, which aren't quite PT fare), this genre is also extremely competitive. They recommend Adventure, Action or Puzzle games as being “safe bets”.

Pocket Gamer (Biz) have some analysis of their own, and ultimately Survey Monkey conclude that downloads don't guarantee engagement or revenue.

Also: Don't make a music, trivia or educational game. Seriously.