Bar Boulud

One prominent theme at the recent O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in Boston was small.

To be exact, the theme was “micro-services”, or the idea of building complex software applications with smaller building blocks that communicate with each other through special APIs. It was the focus of an opening keynote talk at the conference–titled “Monitoring Micro-Services: A Challenge”–by Battery Technology Fellow Adrian Cockcroft. He also presided over a half-day conference workshop for about 75 industry technologists.

Alongside the conference, Cockcroft and Battery Partner Alex Benik hosted an intimate dinner at Boston’s Bar Boulud for a diverse group of technical leaders. They included representatives from e-commerce site Wayfair; cable giant Comcast; DataXu, a marketing-technology company; agile-software consultancy ThoughtWorks; start-ups Mesosphere, NGINX and AppNeta; and the Government Digital Service, part of the Cabinet Office of the UK government. Topics included micro-services as well as software containers, big-data pipelines and Internet security, specifically its impact on continuous integration and deployment.

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