Second authentication for bukkit minecraft servers.

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Visit the plugin page here.

Inspired by GitHub and Google, here is a Bukkit plugin to use two factor authentication. Your Mojang/Minecraft account is protected by a single password or login token. What happens if your account gets stolen? Therefore this plugin exists.

The password is time based and generated by your smartphone completely independent from your Mojang account and your computer. This process is also known as 2FA.


  • Many other plugins like this sends a clickable link to Google for the QR code. This plugin doesn't do that. The code is generated rendered only on the server for increased privacy and security
  • Protect selected commands
  • Provides a better security to your server
  • Displays the QR code on a minecraft map
  • User friendly. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone!
  • A session will be valid for certain time period so you don't have to enter your password again.
  • No other plugins required


Command Description
/register Requests a new secret key
/login < code > Starts a new session to prove your identity


Permission Node Description
securemyaccount.command.enable Permission to invoke the request command
securemyaccount.command.start Permission to start a new session
securemyaccount.command.protect Protected player accounts


Ingame map QR code App code generation inventory pin


2 Factor App on your phone, desktop or offline (specialized hardware tokens).

Apps (Open-Source only)



Desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows):

  • YubiKey Authenticator Download
    • Requires YubiKey hardware token
  • NitroKey App Download
    • Requires Nitrokey hardware token
  • OnlyKey App
    • Requires OnlyKey hardware token