A.I Duet is the Google’s latest Fun Experiment which allows you to Play Melodies on a Compatible MIDI keyboard or your keyboard which is plugged into your computer.By doing this the computer along with you will play a duet.

The designing of this A.I Duet is done around a virtual keyboard.As soon as you start keying a few notes computer will respond to it with appropriate melody

So want to know how this Experiment works: To start with you will play few notes and will halt for some time till you get the response.The response will be some random sounds.This depends upon how fast are the notes that you are playing and also depends on what notes you play.

This exactly will not sound like melody as it is basically anything that you play with respect to time and rhythm.Probably that’s how computers would like their music.At times when the played algorithm is right, you get a to and fro sound which is somewhat relatable to music.

Google Concluded that this Experiment is based on the open-source project, Magenta announced in May 2016.This Project was designed to help people to create music and art using company's TensorFlow.Developers have access to this technology via GitHub.The system doesn’t use any advanced programming it is trained on melodies which already exist and creates responses with respect to it.

Now want to Experience A.I Duet:  Go Further and check this now on Google’s Website.Also, have a look at the Video of A.I Duet on youtube.