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In 2020, what are some 5 common uses for a LowEndBox? LowEndBox recently ran a poll and in this tutorial, we’ll be going more in depth into most common use cases for a LowEndBox. Are you looking for ideas on what to purpose your VPS for? Looking to get started on a new project during these quarantined times? Read on…

  • Web / Application Hosting

Do you find yourself outgrowing shared hosting? Or perhaps you are desiring more control over your environment, such as the ability to control your own php.ini limits, apache modules, and more? This is a top reason why many choose to host a website or application based upon a Virtual Private Server (VPS) instead of shared hosting. More control and resources as VPS’s come with full root access.

  • VPN / Proxy

Need a VPN/proxy to use from school/college, or from work? Or perhaps you live in a different country and need to access the Internet from a different IP address location? Setting up your VPS as a VPN/proxy can be a fun project – using free software such as OpenVPN and Socks5.

  • Hobby Use

Want to enhance your skills in Linux? Want to try out a different Linux operating system and expand your knowledge? A VPS is the perfect way to learn about systems administration – thanks to the ability to easily reinstall the VPS on the fly. For VPS hosting services who utilize the SolusVM VPS Control Panel, you can easily reinstall your VPS on the fly within SolusVM. All it takes is a few clicks, and a few minutes, and you’re up and running on your new OS – all without having to worry about reinstalling the OS manually!

  • File Storage

Need to store large amounts of data remotely, or a secure place to back up your websites? A VPS is a great way to do it! Because every VPS offer featured on LowEndBox includes full root access, you can set it up to your liking. Some people prefer to set up FTP servers, while others prefer using rsync/SCP methods.

  • Game Server Hosting

Looking to set up a game server to host for your friends/community? A VPS is a great way to do it, and the beauty about it is, there’s no shortage of tutorials on the Internet on how to set up a game server. Choosing to host your VPS with a DDoS protected provider can give you extra peace of mind, in the world of gameserver hosting.

What do you use your VPS for? We would love to hear, discuss your thoughts below!

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