5 Most Important HTML Elements For SEO

After you have had your website developed, you will now have to get it to the top of Google rankings. However, besides posting fresh content all the time and having a solid social media strategy, you will have to optimize the sites HTML elements.

If you have done most of the conventional SEO optimization and the site is still underperforming.You should hire an SEO company. Here are the most important HTML elements they will check. 

Mobile-First Design

Google recently released data that shows over half of all searches through their search engine take place through mobile devices. The result has been that Google has molded their ranking algorithm based on this data. 

Consequently, the search engine giant ranks sites using mobile friendliness as one of the considerations. 

That means the mobile friendly design will help Google to rank sites higher even when users are searching through a desktop.There are also advantages for the website owner, as it would mean fewer bounce rates for their site. 

Thus, it is quite important to hire the services of an SEO company that believes in the mobile first philosophy. The design means that the site should readily adapt to a variety of screen sizes. 

All the styles, images, and the layouts must be scalable to any device. Additionally, when the website is scaled down to fit small screens, it should not lose its aesthetic properties. 

A good SEO company will know how to fit in all these elements of mobile friendly design. 
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