Udacity offers one month of a premium degree for free, supporting Covid-19 crisis.

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Being in quarantine can be challenging, but it spares us a great amount of time to focus on self-development and brush up our skills as data scientists. To support professionals during these times, Udacity gives one-month free access to a premium Nanodegree program of your choice. Now, these programs usually take a few months to complete, but given current circumstances, I’m sure you can invest more time and grasp the essentials in a month.

The course catalogue spans around AI, Data Science, Programming, Autonomous Systems, Business and more. In this post, I’ve highlighted 5 courses that I think would be the most beneficial to invest in.

1. Intro to ML with Pytorch

If you’ve previously worked with Python but don’t feel comfortable with Machine Learning algorithms yet, this course is probably a good fit. It covers the building blocks of Machine Learning and will give you a chance to get hands-on experience with real-life applications.

Intro to Machine Learning with Pytorch Course | Udacity

2. Data Visualization

This is my personal favourite. Storytelling with data is an essential skill for all of us. To deliver our message and achieve impact, we need clear communication. And effective visuals are a go-to. This course answers to questions like how to choose the right plot type, what are effective dashboards and how to make your story persuasive. You even get to create an animated data story (a good investment in your portfolio).

Data Visualization Online Course | Udacity

3. Natural Language Processing

Created in collaboration with Amazon Alexa and IBM Watson, this course starts with NLP basics and ends with building a speech recognizer as its final project.

Natural Language Processing Online Course | Udacity

4. Artificial Intelligence for Trading

Now, I’m not a finance expert, but this seems to be a very comprehensive course on trading and portfolio management.

Artificial Intelligence for Trading | Udacity

5. Introduction to Marketing Analytics

This one’s a quite relevant course for the current job market. You’ll get to extend your Google Analytics skills and get tailored data science skills for marketing campaign monitoring and management.

Marketing Analytics Online Course | Udacity

Last but not least: courses on career tips

If you’re in a job hunt, these courses could be a useful resource for your interview prep process:

That’s about it!

Hope you find this useful. Stay home, stay safe, stay productive.

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