Imagine planning the most epic birthday party to end all birthday parties. You spared no expense with catering, balloons, disco balls, and a DJ. You sent out all the invitations. The day of the party finally arrives. Some people did show up, but you wonder why your party didn’t pan out to be the event of the season. Launching a website for your small business can feel much like planning a birthday party that you want all your friends and their friends to come to. Creating link building strategies draws the most people to your website. A successful website delivers great content that attracts a wide audience – easier said than done, in most cases. You’ll have to offer information that’s up-to-date, educational, entertaining, innovative, and engaging, all wrapped up in a digestible text pleasing to the eye. 

And while preparing such quality content is as necessary as it is demanding, you may feel relieved to find out that it is not the only strategic approach that can make your website rise above its competitors. The successful approach, fortunately, falls under a much larger scope in which the best strategies will bring the right people to your business.

Keep reading to learn the best ways to drive more traffic to your website.

Even with the best design, interesting blog posts, and a great product, you can’t just wait for the customers to come to you. You need to be intentional and effective in your content strategy. By using the right link building techniques, your online presence will flourish.

What does link building mean?

Link building refers to how websites increase the number of high-quality inbound links. This process ensures a high search engine ranking on sites like Google. Inbound links include embedded links in blogs, articles, or posts that direct users back to a company’s website. Websites with more inbound links from other sites have a higher ranking. However, not all links are created equal.  You want your website to look sexy for the algorithm. Increasing your search ranking means getting other high-ranking sites to use your links.


Here are five proven tips on the best link building techniques:

Search for Websites in Your Company’s Niche

When deciding which sites to contact to include your links, you want to consider two key factors. The popularity of the website determines how well your site will rank in search engines. But, more importantly, you want to work with websites that cover topics related to the products or services you offer. Ranking systems favor websites linked to related content.

Figure Out Your Target Audience

A big part of finding other websites that make sense for your company includes determining your main customer base. It’s important to know who wants to buy your products and services. You can utilize data analytics tools to develop customer “personas” and figure out what websites they would visit the most often.

Write Guest Blog Posts for Other Websites

Partner with other websites by creating unique content that they can feature. This link building technique helps you set yourself apart in your field. Writing articles that other people will want to read shows that you have knowledge and expertise. This builds trust with customers who will be led to invest in your product or use your services.

Develop Your Own Interesting Content

Search ranking systems favor websites that regularly produce quality content. This offers an opportunity to share related educational content or share reviews about your company. Also, other companies will want to reach out and write guest blog posts on your website. They will be looking to you for their SEO link building needs as well.

Avoid Dead Backlinks

Sometimes you end up with broken links. You want to make sure that your link building strategy includes regular audits to keep all relevant links up to date. Nothing annoys potential customers more than finding an interesting website only to click on a broken link that says “Page Not Found.”

You can learn more about backlinks from this blog post.

Be Bold in Creating Rock Star Strategies for Your Small Business

Getting started with a small business launch presents many challenges. But this also offers the opportunity to make a strong first impression. Search engines will, in fact, give a damn about your bad reputation. So, in order not to give them the satisfaction of pushing you way down in SERP, you may want to take the time to plan and research when creating your link building strategies. Work with websites that already have a high amount of internet traffic to your search engine rankings. Investing time into a well-planned link building gambit will most certainly show prolific results in the long run. Start building your SEO link building strategy today.

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