Earlier we mentioned that based on privacy and EU laws and regulations, Xiaomi will replace the dialer with the Android native Google dialer in a subsequent update.

However, the native dialer of Android does not support the call recording function, and the call recording function of the Xiaomi Dialer is an important function that many users just need.

The good news is that when Xiaomi announced the replacement of the dialer, it also revealed that the Google Phone app is also being updated, and it will provide users with native call recording functions in the future.

According to xda-developers, after disassembling the Google Phone app, it was found that Google has started to build a call recording function into the dialer that is temporarily unavailable.

Google Phone app call recording

When Google officially launches this feature, users will see the recording option when they make and receive calls. Clicking this option will start the recording function to save the complete call.

At the same time, when the call recording function is turned on, the system will clearly indicate that the current recording is in progress. To end the recording, click the button again to close the recording function.

It is worth noting that “XDA’s Max Weinbach also installed the latest Google Phone beta, but he was unable to see the “Record” button on his Pixel 4 XL (T-Mobile) when he called it from his iPhone (Visible).”

It is unclear whether this is a limitation made by Google or if the feature is not yet complete and malfunctioning, so users need to continue to wait for Google to release updates.

Due to privacy and legal requirements, some markets do not allow call recording, and Google currently tests this feature on its own Pixel series devices.

Google official still has not released any news about dialer support call recording, so at this stage, we can only continue to wait for Google’s subsequent updates.

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