OnePlus has just announced two new updates for three of their devices. Surprisingly, one of these updates is for the OnePlus 2 and the biggest thing to note here is that it has received a fix for the KRACK vulnerability that we previously reported on. The Open Beta for the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T also received a new update that focuses on bug fixes and some performance optimizations that the company has been working on lately.

As we mentioned in our previous report about the WPA2 vulnerability known as KRACK, this attack was possible on around 41% of all Android devices. The OnePlus 2 doesn’t generally receive OTA updates anymore but OnePlus did just announce a new update for it that brings its version of OxygenOS up to 3.6.1. This update has some general bug fixes and improvements to it but the big thing to note here is its security patch level has been brought up to October 2017 (which includes the patches for KRACK).

On the same day, the company also announced an update to their Oreo Open Beta program that is now available for the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T. This brings the Open Beta up to version 26 for the OnePlus 3 and to version 17 for the OnePlus 3T and both updates include the same changes since they have been unified. As you should expect in all beta updates, the first one released with a number of bugs and issues that this update aims to fix.

The User Feedback application is back with this update and the team also says it improves both WiFi and data connectivity. The performance of NFC is said to be improved as well and some people had reported the picture-in-picture mode was causing apps to crash but this should be less likely to happen now. There were reports of the device heating up under certain circumstances (which has been fixed), and the voicemail tab within the dialer application is now back.

You’ll find the full changelog (including known issues) down below.

OnePlus 2 OxygenOS 3.6.1 Changelog


  • Updated Android security patch level to October 2017
  • Fixed WPA2 security issue
  • General bug fixes and improvements

OnePlus 3/3T Open Beta 26/17 Changelog


  • User Feedback app is back
    • You can continue sending bug reports via the app again
  • Improved Wifi and Data connectivity
    • Please let us know if you see a change in the behavior of your network connections
  • Improved the performance of NFC
  • Improved stability of Picture in Picture
    • Apps that are supported by PiP are less likely to cause a reboot
  • Reduced likelihood of device heating up in certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue of missing voicemail tab in dialer
    • Sorry about that.. :oops:
  • Other general bug fixes
    • This includes things like the Notification dot issue, ambient display issues, random reboots, available storage calibration, and many other smaller issues.

Known issues:

  • Fingerprint actions may still be slower than you are used to
  • Performance and compatibility of 3rd party apps are still being optimized

Source: OnePlus Source: OnePlus