Are you constantly getting passed up for promotion at work, even though you feel like you’ve put in so much hard work?

It’s a common frustration and people often put it down to favouritism. They think that there’s no chance of ever getting a promotion because the boss likes other people more than them so they might as well just give up. Sometimes, that is the case.

There are employers out there who promote people they like rather than the people that are better for the job. But you do have to take some responsibility as well. Often, you’re not getting promoted because, even though you might be doing your job brilliantly, you haven’t got that extra something that they’re looking for. They don’t want somebody that is excellent in their current role, they want somebody that has the potential to be excellent in a new role with more responsibilities. Luckily, there are some great ways that you can show your boss that you are that person. Before you give up on trying to get a promotion, try these simple tips and tricks that help make you a better employee.

Start Doing The Job Now

I don’t mean you should walk into your bosses office, sit down and start doing their job for them, but you can show them that you’re ready by helping out with some of the duties. If you’re performing well in your current role and you’re an efficient worker, you should have a bit of extra time on your hands. Whenever you find yourself at a loose end, don’t sit around and waste time. Knock on your bosses door and ask whether there is anything that you can help them out with. It shows initiative and a good working attitude which are important but it also gives you the chance to prove that you can handle the duties of that new job. When it comes time to promote somebody to that position, they’ll consider you first because you’ve already learned some parts of the job. Training can be expensive for a company so this is going to be a big influence on their decision.

Add Extra Skills To Your CV

Proving that you’re qualified to do the job in question is important, but you need to show that you can be useful to the company in other ways, outside of that position as well. That’s why adding extra skills to your CV is always a good idea, they don’t necessarily have to be job specific either. First aid trained staff are a legal requirement in any business so your employer will have to pay for the training themselves if they don’t have enough. But if you get a cpr certification in your own time, you save them a lot of trouble. They’ll be more likely to promote you because you’re saving the company money and you’re using your own free time to invest in yourself and make yourself a better employee.

Computer skills are another great thing to add to your repertoire. Everybody will have basic computer skills, it comes with the territory. But if you can learn things like computer programming and even repairs to a basic level, you make yourself a very useful person to have around. For example, if somebody has a minor issue with their computer and you can fix it without having to call the IT team out to do it, you free up their time to work on more important things.

Languages are yet another great skill that you should learn, especially if your company operates internationally. Learning a language is difficult and it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. That tells your employer something about your work ethic and they might make use of your language skills at some point if they’re working with partners abroad.

By adding these extra skills to your CV, you make yourself an asset to the company as a whole and that’s far more likely to get you promoted.

Let Them Know You Want It

This sounds a bit obvious but you’d be surprised how many people get overlooked for promotion because their boss doesn’t think they want it. If you’re getting on happily in your current job, your boss might think that you’re content and you aren’t bothered about getting that promotion. That’s why you need to be upfront about it. Go and speak with them and just let them know that you’re interested in the position, you think that you’d be good for it and you’d like to be considered. Taking the time to seek them out and ask them about the promotion also shows them that you’re driven and ambitious which will work in your favour when they come to make their decision.

Make Your Boss Obsolete

That might sound counterproductive, especially if you’re worried about them liking you. But if you do so well in your own job and start taking on a lot of their duties, to the point where that role is almost obsolete, you free up their time to work on other things. When it comes time to promote somebody, they’re probably going to pick you because you’re basically doing the job already. Just make sure that you’re only taking on duties that you’ve spoken to them about, rather than just going over their heads. You don’t want to upset them while they’re deciding who to pick for that promotion.

Help Colleagues Improve Their Performance

If you’re going to be promoted into a leadership role, you’ll need a whole different set of skills. Employers aren’t just looking for people that are efficient at doing their own job, they’re looking for people that can motivate a team and help the company as a whole perform better. You can show that you’re that kind of person by helping out other employees with their work when you’ve got a spare minute and taking steps to make their lives easier.

Make Suggestions About The Company

Another quality that employers are looking for is the ability to come up with new ideas that improve productivity in the workplace. If you’re going to be promoted to a higher level position, they want to be confident that you’ll make positive changes, rather than stepping into somebody else’s shoes and doing everything exactly the same way as they did. It can be daunting to go to your boss with criticisms but as long as you handle it tactfully, they’ll welcome it. Take notice of people around the office and look out for any processes that slow down productivity. Go to your boss and suggest a better alternative. By taking an interest in how the company is performing and making suggestions on how to improve it, you show them that you are invested in the business and you’re willing to do what it takes to make it a success. However, you should avoid talking about other colleagues and their working habits. If you go to your boss and tell them that certain people aren’t working efficiently and they need to work harder, it makes you look petty and your boss will just think that you’re trying to discredit your coworkers and make yourself look better. That’s the opposite of what they’re looking for and you’ll miss out on the promotion if you do that.

Avoid Office Politics

This is linked to the last point, always avoid office politics.

Disputes between employees distract from work and create a sour office environment. Anybody that is heavily involved in office gossip and politics isn’t likely to be considered for promotion. It can be difficult to avoid getting involved if people are coming to you and moaning about other coworkers but you have to try. Just politely tell them that you don’t want to get involved in a dispute between other people and say that you have work to get on with.

Although it’s not a good idea to criticise your colleagues work ethic, there are some cases where you should go to your boss about disputes. If you feel that two of your coworkers are impacting the office with their dispute, go to your boss and just give them a little heads up that there is an issue that may need to be dealt with. They can then bring them in and have a quiet word, nipping it in the bud before it gets out of hand.

The situation is more difficult if you find out that people have been gossiping about you behind your back because there is always a temptation to defend yourself. But if you do that, you’ll be drawn into it and your boss won’t see you any differently from anybody else that’s involved in office politics. The best thing to do is just ignore it and get on with your work. As long as you’re confident that you’re performing well, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

If you can adopt the qualities listed above, your boss will see you as the perfect candidate for promotion.

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