When it comes to Xbox One exclusive games, its been bit of time Microsoft got one. The recent was Scream Ride, and now we are looking at Ori and the Blind Forest. Developed by Moon Studios, this is a exploration focused game, which reminds of games we used to play on the 8 bit consoles where hack and slash was the only way to go forward. Now a days you won’t find lot of gamers with this kind of skills.

Ori and the Beast

Ori comes with stunning and colourful visuals, and huge map based world to explore, find things, upgrade powers and get through the barriers. Mind it, its not one of easiest game to play.

The Storyline

The way the game sets up its story, is emotional, and like movies. You play as Ori, a young white animal. In times of crisis Ori has been rescued by big creature, who is luckily caring. Then rolls in the evil, Kuro who attacks the life line of the forest, a magical tree. The caring creature dies, and Ori is all alone against Kuro, guided by the floating spirit to guide him through his journey.  Surprisingly, the spirit is the only weapon Ori can use to fight its way to the magical tree.

Find, Upgrade and Get Stronger

Ori Health

There are three parts to get stronger. Right on the screen,  bottom centre, you have a series of circles. An orange centre, a blue left and green left. The left green is your life. The more you have, your chances to survive in the jungle is better. The blue circles are used to create save points, open doors and even blast off barriers.

The orange centre is your skill circle. As you take down enemies, you collect orange power that fills up this. Once it is filled, you can use them to upgrades, which increases his fighting powers and exploration abilities.

Ori has this spirit floating around him. This spirit throws out electrical flames to take down enemies. Initially it will be weak, but enough to get through initial stage. Or himself will have less skills, but as you collect the orange power, he will learn to jump higher, fire more projectiles and learn to explore more things which is usually hidden on the map.

You will have to manage the skill upgrade points nicely. Just upgrading fire power won’t help you as you need to find life and energy cells to keep getting stronger.

Save every time you can:

Like I said in the start, that if you find it interesting and have willingness to complete, you just might not it find it easy. We are too used to shooting games and stuff like this is damn difficult. On top, its quiet frustrating to keep repeating steps which you just cleared.

Ori Save Game

Make sure to step now and then so you don’t have to go all over. Do it specially if you just cleared off s stage which was difficult or if you got full health and power. To do that, you need to have a blue circle, hold B to create s Soul Link and if you have upgrade, tap B to access the ability link when you are around the Soul Link. The blue circles can be filled by destroying the blue plants, but you need to have enough blue circles to keep filling them.

Explore the Map Well & Move Slow

After playing it for 4-5 hours, I realised that I was moving way too fast. I wasn’t exploring much to find powers which can increase my health and energy. This got me stuck and I had to restart. Of course you can always backtrack, but you need to do things over and over.

This is the only way to get through all the barriers, but its also the drawback of the game. I am quiet surprised that developers did not gave a way to move between the map areas quickly. Something like a teleport which allowed me to reach already explored part of games instantly.

Ori Spider Level


The game as 50 achievements, which gets you 1000 Gamescore, and this did not came as surprise that most of the achievements are to find an item!

Is the Game Worth Buying and even your Time ?

While the game is all beautiful and the background music is very soothing, the game is very hard for regular games to play and enjoy it. Not to miss the spikes, instant death delivering animals and no way to save the game whenever you want are some major drawbacks.  Worst part, you cannot choose an Easy mode because its not there.

You can buy the game from  Xbox Store or  Amazon  for a price of 19.99 USD. The game download size is of 7.99 GB