80 Iconic Dresses from Movies That Might Just Inspire Your Next Party Look

Are you ready to strike a pose? Because it's to prepare for your close-up! This infographic comes to you from Lulus.com, and features 80 iconic dresses from movies, all of which are truly stunning. Included are famous gowns from classic films like Cinderella and Anastasia, along with the slimming, heart-stopping dresses of Anita Ekberg and Marilyn Monroe. Not only that, but on this infographic you'll even find some rather odd and bizarre costumes from films like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Star Wars.

Either way, all of these iconic customers have certainly had some impact on our culture! Included on this infographic are the best movie dresses we've ever seen, dating all the way back to the era of silent films. So which of these iconic movie dresses are your favorites? Remember, too, that Halloween is fast-approaching, so perhaps some of these iconic dresses will spark some fun costume ideas!