Creating a Cube

The Cube Wizard will first guide us through the selection of our fact table, which houses the measures upon which we seek to report. We will create a basic cube shell by taking the following actions:

23. Right-click the new Cubes folder under the MyCube2 database we created above.
24. Select New Cube from the initial shortcut menu.
25. Click Wizard, as shown in the illustration below.

Illustration 15: Initializing the Cube Wizard

The Cube Wizard springs to life, and we see the Welcome dialog appear, as depicted in Illustration 16 below.

Illustration 16: The Cube Wizard Welcome Dialog

26. Click Next.

The list of tables available in the MyFoodMart2 Data Source appears.

27. Select salary from the Data Sources and Tables pane on the left.

The Details pane on the right is populated with the columns of the salary table, as shown below:

Illustration 17: The Details of the Salary Table are Displayed

28. Click Next.
29. Add the following measures, by double-clicking each, in the following order:
  • salary_paid
  • overtime_paid
  • overtime_hours

The selected measures fields move to the Details pane as shown below:

Illustration 18: The Details Pane Displays the Column Selection

30. Click Next.

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