iPad Air Line

Looks like I didn’t get the memo in time. The one informing me that nobody lines up for the iPad anymore.

Well, to be fair, some folks still do – but judging by my friendly local Apple Store at a mall near my house the numbers are much, much lower than for any other iPad launch. How much lower? Well, on every previous launch day I’ve got out to the parking lot of this same mall at somewhere around 3:30 to 4:00 in the morning – and have been at least among the first 25 in line (sometimes within the first 10). But by store opening time at 8AM the line easily stretched into the hundreds for the first few launches.

Today at 8AM there were 16 of us in line for the iPad Air. You can see this poor excuse for a line in my photo above.

The line had tapered off for the iPad mini launch last year, but nowhere near as much as today’s tiny line for the iPad Air.

It was a...

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