Almost half (46%) of all gamers have previously played games that contained sponsored games, according to research from Hub Entertainment Research.

The survey of over 2,600 US consumers found that the percentage of those playing games with sponsored content is even larger among those under 35-year-olds (63%).

And the study provides some good news for developers looking to monetise their apps, because 61% of respondents felt that games with sponsored content made the games more fun.

Only 23% of respondents felt that sponsored content had a negative effect on their enjoyment of a game.

The survey also highlights that brand efforts to engage with gamers aren’t going unnoticed. On the contrary, many gamers seem to be interacting with ads in games.

Male players, in particular, consider games a way to connect with their friends – particularly younger players under the age of 35 years (72%).

It is a dominant topic for 63% of them to discuss with friends and almost half would consider fellow gamers as ‘friends’ even though they had never met each other.

The findings are in line with a recent study by Deloitte that noticed that young male mobile gamers were the biggest spenders when it comes in-app purchases (£123.72 average annually).

Receptivity towards ads and branded content may also explain why mobile gamers were spending more when shopping online compared to non-gamers.

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