PointBase enhances database

June 6 — PointBase has announced version 4.6 of its PointBase Embedded database. The updated tool can now connect to multiple databases from a single JVM. It also features increased security.


Jacada updates Web-to-host solution

June 6 — Version 8.0 of Jacada Interface Server is now available. Jacada's latest Web-to-host tool includes the ability to dynamically add, change, or delete graphical user interface (GUI) controls, style, data, and event handlers via a server-side Java API; session pooling, allowing sessions to be preloaded and allocated to users on an as-needed basis; XHTML compression; and skins.


Catalyst Systems releases Openmake 6.2

June 6 — Openmake is a build management tool offering Ant and make functionality. Version 6.2 eliminates the need for developers to write custom Ant scripts and Java build classes. The tool lets developers create custom build types using Ant attributes and generate Ant build scripts at build time.


Droplets adds servlets support

June 6 — The Droplets User Interface Server combines the benefits of client-side software with the administrative benefits of server-side software, placing rich UIs (user interfaces) on server-side software and providing users with a universal UI. Droplets Inc. has announced that the platform now features servlet support.


JCentric helps developers deploy applications using J2EE

June 6 — JCentric has launched Virtual Private Server, a Linux hosting service that allows Java developers to deploy J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) applications on the Web. JCentric provides developers with tools for deploying applications using servlets, JavaServer Pages, and Enterprise JavaBeans.


Enterprise Code Security Solution now available

June 6 — PreEmptive Solutions has released Enterprise Code Security Solution for Java and .Net. Based on the company's Dotfuscator and DashO code security tools, the Enterprise Code Security Solution allows organizations to assess code risk and provides tools for protecting code.


iNsight builds Web services from Java code

June 6 — Iopsis Software has launched iNsight 2.1, an application assembly product. The tool provides modeling, code generation, choreography, and assembly of Web services for use in business processes and applications. It also allows the use of UML (Unified Modeling Language) to create Web services.


Wedgetail adds Windows Server support to JCSI SSO

June 6 — Wedgetail Communications has updated JCSI (Java Crypto and Security Implementation) Single Sign-On (SSO) with support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003. This new suite allows organizations deploying Java applications to leverage the server's security improvements.


UnwiredTec updates Ringtone Creator

May 30 — UnwiredTec group has released the latest version of its Java-based ringtone conversion engine. Ringtone Creator 1.4. can run as a batch tool or be integrated into your software projects.


IronGrid adds Ant to IronEye SQL

May 30 — IronEye SQL is a Java tool that profiles SQL statements flowing over any JDBC connection. The most recent version, 1.1, includes Ant task integration.


Zero G announces update to InstallAnywhere

May 23 — Install Anywhere 5.5, Zero G's software development solution, is now available. The latest version includes features designed for enterprise applications.


IBM releases new tools under Rational brand

May 23 — IBM has launched the Rational products Rapid Developer, XDE Developer, and XDE Tester. Rapid Developer is a rapid application development environment for building J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) applications. XDE Developer is a modeling tool, and XDE Tester automatically tests Java and Web applications.


AquaFold enhances database tool

May 23 — AquaFold has updated Aqua Data Studio, its universal database tool for building, managing, and maintaining enterprise relational databases, to version 3.0. Developed with Java, the latest version features a table data editor, SQL writing automation features, better syntax coloring, and more.


Instantiations releases CodePro Express

May 23 — Instantiations has announced its newest software tool for Java development. CodePro Express enhances the developement tools in IBM WebSphere Application Server-Express and Eclipse.


Jess 6.1 now available

May 23 — The latest release of Jess, a lightweight rule engine and scripting environment for Java, is available for download. Version 6.1 includes nested conditional elements, new Java APIs for the logical facility, faster rule compilation, and more.


Swingtide introduces new products

May 23 — Swingtide has launched Swingtide Monitor and Swingtide Scorecard, products for helping businesses build networks of XML Web services. Swingtide Monitor monitors the growth and business usage of heterogeneous XML networks. Swingtide Scorecard is a methodology for accelerating the return on investment from XML Web services.


wx4j provides Java GUI toolkit

May 23 — wx4j 0.1.0 is now available. This Java binding for wxWindows provides a Java GUI (graphical user interface) toolkit using native widgets.


Wolfram Research updates webMathematica

May 23 — webMathematica from Wolfram Research is a tool for building Web applications with the Mathematica technology. Version 2.0 includes Mathematica 4.2 and an HTML templating mechanism based on JavaServer Pages (JSP) custom tags.


Quest launches performance-tuning suite

May 16 — Quest Software has introduced Quest Central for J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition), a set of tools that detects, diagnoses, and resolves performance issues. Three tools make up Quest Central for J2EE: Foglight, a monitoring product that monitors every component affecting application performance; PerformaSure, a J2EE diagnostic tool for analyzing live transactions in distributed systems; and JProbe, a performance-tuning toolkit for optimizing Java application code.


Fair Isaac updates Blaze Advisor

May 16 — Blaze Advisor 5.0 is the new release of Fair Isaac's business rules management software. Written in Java, the software system develops, tests, deploys, and maintains business rules. Version 5.0 features the ability to build graphical representations of decision trees, showing paths of decisions leading to one or more business actions.


Novell ships exteNd Application Server 5

May 16 — Novell's exteNd Application Server provides a foundation for deploying applications built with the Novell exteNd Web application development suite. The server features a robust deployment platform, high-productivity development tools, and support for the latest industry standards.


Teamstudio enhances audit tool

May 16 — Teamstudio has launched Edition 3 of Teamstudio Analyzer for Java, its best-practices audit tool for Java developers. Edition 3 includes an automatic fix feature and 192 rules that address coding issues such as standards compliance, unused elements, common coding errors, and J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) compliance.


toolsfactory introduces class visualization tool

May 16 — toolsfactory has announced ClassViz, a tool for class hierarchy visualization and printing. The tool parses any Java source code and development projects, and visualizes class hierarchies.


PASSOLO Add-In now available

May 16 — PASS Engineering has introduced a new PASSOLO Add-In. The tool offers extended localization support for Java software.


Kobu.Com announces free Java chat program

May 16 — Kobu.Com has released HonkyTalk, a free Java application that enables voice conversation over the Internet between two or more PCs.


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