18.         Select the Delimited radio button, as depicted in Illustration 7.

Click for larger image

Illustration 7: The Text File Properties Dialog

19.         Click Next.

The Specify Comma Delimiter dialog appears. Here we define the boundaries of our data fields.

20.         Ensure the Comma radio button is selected, as shown in Illustration 8.

Illustration 8: Select the Comma Radio Button

21.         Click Finish.

The Connection Properties dialog reappears, as we see in Illustration 9.

Illustration 9: The Connection Properties Dialog

22.         Click OK.

We are returned to the DTS Package: <New Package> window, where we see the new ServerAccessLog data connection, as shown in Illustration 10.

Illustration 10: DTS Package: <New Package> Window with the New Data Connection

Having created a data connection for our data source, the Server Access Log file, we now need to create a data connection for our destination, the Web Traffic Analysis database. We will do so with the following steps.

23.         From within the DTS Package: <New Package> window, click Connection -> Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server from the main menu.

The Connection Properties dialog appears.

24.         Ensure that the New Connection radio button is selected.

25.         Type WebTrafficAnalysis_DB into the Name box.

26.         Ensure that Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server appears in the Data Source selector box.

27.         Specify the appropriate Server in the File Name box.

28.         Either select the Use Windows Authentication radio button, or select the Use SQL Server Authentication button and input your credentials.

29.         Select <new> in the Database selector.

The Create Database dialog appears.

30.         Type WebTrafficAnalysisDB into the Name box.

The Create Database dialog appears as shown in Illustration 11.

Illustration 11: Completed Create Database Dialog

31.         Leaving the other settings in the dialog at default, click OK.

The new database is created, and we see that it appears in the Database selector box as we are returned to the Database Connection dialog, as displayed in Illustration 12.

Illustration 12: Completed Database Connection Dialog

32.         Click OK.

We are returned to the Select DTS Package: <New Package> window, once again, where we see the new WebTrafficAnalysisDB connection, alongside our ServerAccessLog connection.