Happy holidays, everyone!! Today, Emma and I are here to share our joint gift guide, including things we are giving, things that we love that would make excellent gifts, and things on each of our own wishlists!

Something on my personal wishlist this year … 

Emma: I’m loving this necklace and this stackable ring set.

Elsie: I was thinking of getting robes for my husband and I since we are into our new hot tub life, but running inside through the cold afterwards is the most awkward part. Also, for my own stocking I always get some cookie cutters for my collection and this one caught my eye. How cute is he?

Something I am excited to give this year … 

Emma: The Always Pan. I got myself one and love it—I know it’ll be a high quality gift.

Elsie: I got this pizza oven last summer and I’ve been dying to open it ever since. I think it will be so much fun!

A favorite kitchen item to gift … 

Emma: Electric wine opener, that is actually pretty cute (many are so fugly, but goodness these are useful!)

Elsie: Olivia Pope wine glasses and popcorn. It’s a classic!

A favorite self-care gift … 

Emma: Love a good spa night at home, and love this face mask collection!

Elsie: My favorite skincare line is Leahlani. I use Bless Balm every single day and the Mermaid Mask a few times a month. It all smells like Hawaii and it’s my favorite line to gift because it’s beautifully packaged.

A favorite gift to send in the mail … 

Emma: Mail them chocolate croissants!

Elsie: Birthday cake truffles are my go-to gift to mail someone. They are SO delicious. I got them for a gift once and I never forgot about them … because you can’t!

A favorite kiddo gift … 

Emma: Anything by Melissa and Doug.

Elsie: This barn set is too cute (got it for Marigold) and these diverse dolls from Hazel Village.

*Sources from the coffee photos above: Coffee Maker / Pink Pour Over Kettle (budget-friendly option here) / Wood Tray / Star Pour Over / Smile Mug / Pastel Stripe Mug / Speckled Pink Mug / Coastal Mug

Sending love! Emma + Elsie