Last week, Zivtech was proud to be a supporting sponsor of BADCamp 2019 in Berkeley, California, where members of our team shared their expertise and attended sessions like the DevOps Summit. The summit featured a session on Probo.CI presented by Michael Bagnall.

Michael walked attendees through integrating Probo into a continuous integration stack using Docker. Check out a summary of Michael's key points below. 

Mike giving a presentation about Probo CI

What Is Probo?

Probo.CI is a testing collaboration tool. It's used to run automated tests and construct usable builds when pull requests are issued or branches of code are updated. Probo provides a unique URL that can be used for client demonstration or internal testing.

Why Open Source?

Open-source software (OSS) allows you to contribute code and features. If you're running lots of projects or very large builds, OSS can be very cost-effective

Docker’s Contribution to Continuous Integration

Docker allows you to build the entire Probo.CI service as a stack by simply configuring a YAML file with your Probo.CI options.  All critical services like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache SOLR, Redis, Memcached, and Varnish are baked in.