AT&T has been making some changes to their plans as of late, having just changed up their mobile share value plans last week to include new pricing points for data allowances. As of today, AT&T is focusing on GoPhone customers who have prepaid plans and is offering up a pretty huge benefit to those who are already on their $60 GoPhone plan. This new change focuses on data users as AT&T has announced they’ll be removing the roaming limitations for those who travel in North America, specifically in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

For those customers who travel to and from either of those three countries, AT&T is allowing up to 4GB of high speed data use while traveling inside of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., meaning there is no roaming charge for data as long as the amount of data used is at or below that 4GB limit. This is in addition to the unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada landline and mobile numbers from the U.S. that are included with the $60 plan. Customers will need to be on the $60 plan to have access to these roaming benefits, but this is obviously not the only GoPhone plan AT&T offers. AT&T notes that their GoPhone plans start at just $30 for the smartphone plans.

These plan changes are automatic, so any customers who are already on the $60 GoPhone plan will have to do absolutely nothing to get the benefits of these roaming changes. That means customers already on this plan will be able to travel inside of Canada and Mexico and use up to 4GB of high-speed data at no extra charge after the plan changes happen which AT&T states will begin on August 21st. As of right now it’s August 17th, and the 21st is this Friday so it won’t be too long of a wait before the new plan capabilities are there. Additionally, with these new changes any customers who choose to set up on a new $60 GoPhone plan will also get the benefits of the data roaming. If you plan on traveling to Canada or Mexico in the near future and are an AT&T customer, now might be a time to consider the GoPhone plan at the $60 price point.

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