Do you want to overcome your fear of failure? Then don’t just sit back and think about it, go out and conquer it! Tackling your fears will take you places where you could never have imaged before. Imagine how it feels like to do anything in the world without fear or any negative feelings.

Fear of failure is infused in us from our early childhood, and we are always told not to do this or avoid that. So after a while, we become cautious of things and instead of taking action, we seek permission and confirmation.

As we grow, this belief tends to become unconscious and automatic. We aren’t aware of its presence, yet it commands us from the shadows, like an unseen puppet master.

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However, learning to fight with the fear of failure can be a challenging task for everyone, especially when you are determined to take your personal growth to the next level. Fortunately, all fears are learned. No one is born with fears. Therefore, fear can be unlearned by practicing self-discipline repeatedly about fear, until it goes away.

There is no mystical pill for this, and we don’t have to become fearless. We just have to be willing enough to face our fears.

Fear itself is not a problem. You are allowed to worry and stress. It doesn’t make you weak, and it does not represent you. But, if you really want to get to where you desire, you have to fight your fear.

“We think we need the confidence to do something and take action, but confidence is not what we need. In fact, the things which are more important than confidence is courage and competence.”

You don’t need confidence, only a little courage, and competence.

So, here are a few inspiring TED Talks to help you find some:

1. Smash Fear, Learn Anything’ by Tim Ferriss

To state Tim Ferriss is a high-end achiever would be an understatement, but this doesn’t mean he is immune from fear and failure. When he was young, he feared water. He avoided swimming for many years. In this inspiring TED talk, he shared how he overcame his fear, and how this experience encouraged him to re-examine the role it plays in learning.

It had put him on an incredible journey and the realization that “fear is your friend.” Fear is an indicator. Sometimes it shows you what you should not do. More often than not it shows you exactly what you should do.

2. ‘Rethinking Failure’ by Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran is not a stranger to failure anymore. In this TED talk, she explained to us how failure has played a remarkable role in her success and how she learned to enfold it by shoving her fears to one side.

She further added that “our fear is something we have made up in our mind.” And, we can easily redefine and re-imagine what it means to us.

Therefore, just like Barbara Corcoran, you may find your real successes come on the heels of failure.

3. Turning Fear Into Fuel’ by Jonathan Fields

Public speaking is a common fear many people experience. But, Jonathan Fields believe that this fear often fades away with time and once you start and get into your groove.

Today, Jonathan Fields is a bestselling author who loves to work with creative people to build more meaningful and connected lives.

But in this TED talk, Fields rolls into how he allowed his fear to stay with him for many years and make him suffer before he turned his fear into the fuel to generate his best work ever.

4. ‘What I Learned From 100 Days of Rejection’ by Jia Jiang

In this fascinating TED Talk, Jia Jiang describes an embarrassing moment from the time he was young.

He says it’s easy to explain why he cultivated fear of rejection later in life. He had dreams and aspirations, but laid these to one side for a long time, opting for the more natural possibility, instead.

Well, this is what that drove to his adventure into”rejection” and the community that helps people overcome their fears of rejection so that they can fulfill their dreams with a blink of an eye.

“Fear is something that affects us all”

He further concluded that when you face rejection, you are going to face the next obstacle or next failure. So, consider the possibilities and don’t run. If you simply embrace them, they might become gifts as well.

5. ‘Why You Have To Fail To Have A Great Career’ by Michael Litt

Michael Litt believes that “failure yields the ultimate experience needed for success.”

Most people dream about overnight success, and maybe they admire someone who started their business or career with a bang. But, the truth is, most successful people sneak into success, improving slowly over time since they make one mistake after another.

He explained this further in such a beautiful way;

“You should fail to have a great career unless you fail to have a great career.”

And, at present, he is living proof of this, establishing and growing “Vidyard” into a company that’s transforming how brands connect in the digital age — but only after a lot of trial and error methods.

6. ‘Embrace The Near Win’ by Sarah Lewis

Sara Lewis is a renowned art curator who years of experience working with world’s biggest artists and galleries. She has had the privilege to learn how creative people work and how they form successful careers.

And, in this Ted Talk, she shared one of these invaluable lessons and how she has learned to embrace the “near win.”

She narrates us how success is a moment and how successful people always strive for more.

Sara believes that “pursuit is in the mastery” and making progress one by one.

Every new win pushes you harder, meaning your fear of failure is not only powerless but has a direct influence on the progress you make today.

7. ‘Success Is a Continuous Journey’ by Richard St. John

Richard St. John is the bestselling author of the book “The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common” In this TED talk, he explains to us why people reach success but then only to fail.

According to him, with the fear of failure, many people fear for success as well.

Further, he added success is not a one-way road where you have to do everything that leads up to success and then you reach there. The irony is when we figure we have made it, we stay in our comfort zones, and we actually stop doing the things that made us successful in the first place.

Success is a constant journey, and failure, fear, and mistakes play a major role in this. It isn’t a straight line. Your mission is unique to you. It never ends, stops or drops, so why would you let your fear of failure hold you back?

Ask yourself and you will get the answers. Learn to listen and trust your inner voice. Overcoming your fear is as hard as you make it. The moment you face your fears, you realize that they are not as bad as you thought they would be.

So, what will it be?

Follow your passions despite your fears. You would surely be living the life you have always desired. You would not have to look back at your life with regret. Therefore, to live a regret-free life, you have to be willing to make mistakes. Throw some color at the canvas and see what happens. Live life for you, not for anyone else.

This is your experience. Enjoy the ride.

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