There are many web pages online that are constantly updated so you must refresh the page to see the latest update. For example, forex/news websites are updated every few minutes. Furthermore, refreshing web pages are especially important for nabbing the latest deals on shopping websites before they go away.

If you for some reason need to constantly refresh a web page, then don’t involve yourself in the hassle of manually refreshing web pages yourself. You can install an auto-refresh Chrome extension that will automatically refresh web pages at a fixed interval. Let’s see 3 of the best Chrome extensions to auto-refresh web pages.

1. Super Auto Refresh Plus

Let’s start with something simple that gets the job done flawlessly. Super Auto Refresh Plus has a very minimal interface to quickly set a timer and start refreshing pages. It also shows a countdown timer on the extension button in real-time to know exactly when the web page will refresh. You just need to select from a number of predefined time intervals (up to 60min) and the extension will start the count down immediately.

Super Auto Refresh Plus

A cool option this extension has is the ability to ignore the cache of the web page while reloading (must be enabled from settings). This means the page will reload all the contents without fetching anything from an already saved cache, which can be useful if you notice some page still providing outdated data.

Overall, this is the fastest and the most intuitive web page auto-refresh Chrome extension you can get. However, it comes with its downside of less customizability. Like there is no option to set a custom time interval and there is no predefined time interval above 60min.

2. Auto Refresh Plus

Coming to a bit more customizable auto web page refresh Chrome extension. Auto Refresh Plus offers multiple ways to set the countdown timer. You can select a predefined interval, set your own interval, or simply provide any number of seconds. Just like the above extension, this extension shows a countdown timer right on the extension button.

Auto Refresh Plus

It also has a bunch of more features like auto start refreshing a specific URL whenever opened or refresh a page on a completely different date/day. However, the one feature that I am sure will make you choose this extension over the others is its ability to track keyword changes. Yes, you can provide a keyword on a page, and if it changes after a refresh; the extension will let you know with a sound and a notification.

3. Tab Auto Refresher

Okay, this is a rather bare bone auto refresh extension with little to no extra features (not even an options menu). However, I have chosen to add it to this list for 2 of the features that make it worth it. First, the extension allows you to stop refreshing all the pages with a single button. This is really time-saving when you are refreshing dozens of pages as you won’t have to stop the extension on each one separately.

Tab Auto Refresher

Secondly, the extension ignores any popup windows that can prevent a page from refreshing. Such as popups that ask “Are you sure you want to refresh this page?”. This can be useful if your particular web page brings up a popup when refreshed.

Other than that, the extension lets you provide a custom interval using a text box without any bells and whistles.

Ending words

If you don’t have any special requirements, then I will recommend you to go for Super Auto Refresh Plus. It’s a clean web page auto-refresh extension with a very user-friendly interface and features. However, the other two definitely offer unique features that make them worth getting if you need those specific features. Do let us know in the comments which one of these Chrome extensions to auto-refresh web pages you like.