Linefy is an cross-platform GPU-powered drawing library for:

♦ Lines

♦ Polylines

♦ Dots

♦ Polygonal Meshes

♦ Editor Handles

WebGL demo

Android demo

Windows standalone demo

Key features:

♦ Fast dynamic drawing with zero allocations.

♦ Fastest static drawing with zero CPU usage.

♦ Cross-platform: including mobile, WebGL. Render-pipeline independent.

♦ Per-vertex adjustable elements: colors, width, texture coordinates

♦ World and Screen spaces rendering for runtime and SceneView

♦ Antialiasing without Multisampling

♦ Custom .obj files importer with quad topology wireframes

♦ Clear and simple API. Full C# and shaders code included

♦ Lot of examples

&#x2753 Online Documentation

Price $25.00