Spotify is testing a new “Premium Duo” subscription plan, which offers a better deal for couples without kids.

The Verge reports the new subscription model is currently only available in five countries: Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland and Poland.

While not available in the U.S., the pricing for the countries where the new subscription is available suggest U.S. subscribers would pay $12.49 per month, which puts it midway between the streaming service’s $9.99 Premium subscription and the $14.99 Family subscription.

Currently, childless couples looking to save a few bucks are required to purchase a Family subscription, even though they won’t use the additional four slots.

The new deal give couple subscribers access to a new feature, called “Duo Mix,” which is an auto-generated playlist. The playlist is automatically created when the “Duo” account is first set up. As both subscribers listen to music, the playlist is updated with music the service believes both members will enjoy.

A “Shared Playlists” feature will allow Duo users to share all of their playlists with their Duo partner with a single click.