You can now sign up for Xfinity Mobile with your own device, which for those consumers who are interested opens up a whole lot of possibility as you won’t be limited to using only the devices that the company sells through its own service. How much this helps Xfinity Mobile in terms of growing its number of subscribers is unclear, but it’s likely that giving consumers the option to bring devices they’re already using and that they already own to the carrier for use with the service, could help to increase consumer interest in giving Xfinity Mobile a shot.

While this is a good thing on Xfinity Mobile’s part, there is a pretty big caveat – at the moment only iPhones are supported for the BYOD option, and it’s only select iPhone models at that. This essentially locks out any and all Android users who want to bring their own phone over to the service, at least for now, as Comcast does mention that it will be adding support for more phones later on this year. It does not however, mention when it plans to add more phones or what those phone models would be, so it could end up being much later this year.

Not supporting Android devices for the BYOD option does potentially alienate customers who might want to switch but can’t if they refuse to give up the phone they’re already using, but Comcast is offering an option for consumers who don’t want to switch phones simply because of the cost factor. For devices which aren’t supported on BYOD for Xfinity Mobile, it’s possible that those devices might be eligible to receive a trade-in value gift card, which would help lower the cost of buying a new device. Consumers that aren’t necessarily opposed to trying a new phone can utilize this option if their device does end up getting them a gift card for a specific amount when their old device is traded in. That said, Comcast doesn’t mention what the amounts are for trade-ins, so consumers will simply have to inquire about their device with Xfinity Mobile when attempting to switch. It’s also worth noting that not all devices will afford users a gift card, so some consumers may simply not be able to get around buying a new phone without a trade-in discount.

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