AMD today announced its CPU specs for the 4000 series of Ryzen APUs, incl. 4700G, 4600G, and 4300G AMD APUs (plus new Athlon CPUs). This isn't Zen 3 yet and is part of the APU line.
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AMD TDP Explained:

AMD has rolled-out its APU launches prior to major CPU launches over the last few years, and that's continuing with the Ryzen 4000 launch. The company will eventually work its way into a Zen 3 and Ryzen 4000 desktop release date, but for now, the APUs (Zen 2 7nm) and some new Zen+ low-end CPUs (also with Vega IGPs) will launch first. AMD noted that this initial launch is OEM only, but heavily emphasized that it intends to launch a DIY PC part for use in 500- and 400-series motherboards. There isn't a price listed for the 4000G APUs or new 3000G APUs yet (not to be confused with the existing 3000G APU), and that'll likely stay that way since they're OEM-first. Release date is August, 2020 for the 4700G, 4600G, and 4300G APU systems.

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00:00 - Recapping AMD's APU Announcements
01:25 - No DIY Parts Yet, But Something Soon
04:54 - AMD Ryzen 4700G, 4600G, 4300G & 3000G Specs
08:40 - AMD Performance Claims & Marketing
11:27 - AMD Ryzen 4000 Pro CPUs

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