According to app store intelligence reports, apps in the “self-care” category (for things like mindfulness and meditation) are really getting in ~the zone~. 

In Q1 of this year alone, the top 10 grossing self-care apps with names like “10% Happier,” and “Stop, Breathe, and Think,” brought in $27m in revenue worldwide, with US consumers contributing $15m — over 50% of the total market.

It’s hot to ‘keep cool’

Globally, revenue from the top 10 wellness apps grew 170% from Q1 last year, and more self-care apps are entering the space every year, with nearly 3.5k new self-care apps projected for 2018.

But, the kings of the zen garden are still Calm and Headspace, which generated over 90% of the top 10 apps’ revenue last quarter, with Calm earning about 50% (about $8m in the US) alone.

Gone are the days of the “here for a good time, not a long time” way of life. Now, seems like everyone wants to be here for a good and long time.

Why are people so concerned with their well-being all of a sudden?

Experts attribute it to a combination of factors like better access to information about self-care, the “depressing nature of social media,” and the grind of a 24-hour news cycle. *Takes a long, hard look in the mirror*

But, there’s also the social context: Millennials are marrying and starting families later in life, meaning they may just have less kids — and therefore more time to focus on self-improvement.

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