Apparently, some men think if a woman wears an ankle bracelet, she is either a lesbian or a prostitute. And don't even ask them about those who carry around their stuff in a backpack instead of a purse!

These things sound unbelievable, but just take a look at the subreddit r/NotHowGirlsWork and you'll discover that some guys have such wild misconceptions about females, it's like they're talking about an alien race.

I honestly don't know how they come up with such... theories. Maybe their ego couldn't handle a breakup, so they invented an explanation on why it was their partner's fault. Or maybe they're just following the wrong people on social media.

Either way, continue scrolling to check out the latest posts from r/NotHowGirlsWork and if you want more after you're done, fire up Bored Panda's earlier piece on the subreddit. Enjoy.

#1 So Apparently, Girls Can’t Wear Pants

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#2 Ladies, Be Warned About The Power Of Ankle Bracelets

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#3 Ideal Wife Criteria

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#4 This Raises So Many Questions

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#5 Wow, And I Never Even Knew

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#6 Hear That, Extroverted Girls? You Lost Your Soul

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#7 Well Done Buddy, You Just Figured Out That Human Beings Don’t Enjoy Being Insulted

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#8 We're Not Dogs

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#9 Are You Talking About Magpies Or Women?

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#10 I’m No Expert But I Think It’s Because It Hurts????

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#11 Let’s Hope Lucifer Has A Big Party Planned For 2021

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#12 That’s Not How Any Of This Works

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#13 Someone Please Explain To Me Why Men Are So Insistent On Making Claims And Assumptions About Spaces They've Never Been In?!

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#14 Guess I’m Brainwashed

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#15 Lmao This Man Has Truly Ascended

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#16 Good Thing We Always Smell Nice Because We're Totally Insufferable

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#17 Btw This Guy Still Believes That Arranged Marriages Are The Way To Go

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#18 Something Tells Me This Person Has Never Had A Girlfriend

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#19 Yikes

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#20 How About Let Her Be Her Own Person?

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#21 A Clip Of A Hunting Shark Somehow Turned It Into This

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#22 Yes Because I Actually Want A Completely Dependent Creature At A Time Where I Can't Even Afford My Own Food, That's Why I Have A Cat

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#23 I Don't Think This Guy Has Ever Had A Girlfriend

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#24 Because All Girls Spend All The Money

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#25 Yeah Sure Buddy, 15 Guys

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#26 Women Who Own Horses Aren't "Wife Material"

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#27 Or, Maybe We Don’t Want To Be Baby Incubators, Crazy I Know

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#28 Is There A Source For Women?

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#29 Uh, No We Aren't

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#30 Save Women From Our Inability To Social Distance!

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#31 Had To Repost, But Girls Just *love* Being Stalked

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#32 Dude On Yt Doesn't Understand Female Attraction

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#33 Does He Think Women Would Just Strut Around Butt Naked Without Men?

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#34 "This Tweet Is From 1834"

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#35 Oh, So That's The Reason Why I'm Bad At Math! I'm A Woman. Obviously

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#36 You’ve Heard It Here Folks... I Guess Lesbian Sex Don’t Exist

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#37 Pollution Is Everywhere Nowadays

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#38 Not How Lesbians Work

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#39 Protect Her From Overthinking...?

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#40 Apparently Self-Deprecation Is A Soly Male Trait

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#41 Today I Found Out I Can’t Work More Than 8 Hours

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#42 On A Post About A Woman Police Officer Being Attacked Whilst At Work. This Person Claimed That Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Do “Male Only” Jobs And Should Be At Home Looking After Their Kids

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#43 You’re Single, A Woman, And Use The Internet? Freakin Wh*re

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#44 I Guess We’re All Government Agents?

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#45 Found On A Girls vs. Boys Meme. I Guess All Women Share All The Same Musical Taste And Political Beliefs?

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#46 No Chili For You

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#47 Because An Expensive Car Is Going To Make You Less Creepy

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#48 This Showed Up On My Facebook Memories So I Can’t Recall What Book It’s From, But I Know It’s From An 11th C. Text

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#49 Uh, No, No To All Of This

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#50 Only Insecure Woman Want Guys Who Are Funny

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#51 Apparently, Women Can't Have A Big Group Of Friends

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#52 Says The Guy Constantly Bitching Online

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#53 I Think These Fellas Missed One Of The Major Themes In Mad Men

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#54 A Lady Was Play Metallica On A Guitar And I Found This Gem In The Comments

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#55 Because We Go To The Gyno To Get Off, I Guess

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#56 Women Don’t Blame Them Self For Anything By Nature

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#57 "Women Are Children You Can Have Legal Sex With"

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#58 Women Are Chickens

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#59 What, You Don’t Have A Sense Of Humor? How Boring!

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#60 Do They Think Our Cars Run On Espresso?

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#61 The Irony In The Last Point

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#62 Apparently, Women Don't Have Hobbies Unless They Are Copying Men

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#63 Found This On A News Article

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#64 Naturally Manipulative

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#65 This Guy's Answer To Who His Perfect Companion Would Be

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#66 Nothowlesbianswork

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#67 Men Getting Triggered Over Women. Pretty Sure A Lot Of Women Talked To Him About Their Hobbies Or Interests, Or Anything At All

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#68 Just Thought You'd All Like To Know We Are Insecure

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#69 These Words Of Wisdom From A Real Casanova

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#70 This Is Why I Don’t Go On Fb Anymore

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#71 Imagine

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#72 I've Never Met A Single Woman Who's Done This Save Actual Children

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#73 Did You Know We All Secretly Hate Each Other?

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#74 This Is A Legit Sign My Dad Has On The Side Of His Gun Safe

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