Sen. Tammy Duckworth, Gold Star Khizr Khan, and Rep. Connor Lamb savaged President Donald Trump on a press call for former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign over remarks first reported by The Atlantic and confirmed by two other outlets.

The Biden campaign arranged the press call after Jeffrey Goldberg’s bombshell story broke, and was quickly confirmed and added to by The Associated Press and The Washington Post.

On Friday morning, the three surrogates took turns slamming Trump as a “coward” who is unfit to be commander-in-chief, and praising Joe Biden for his treatment of and empathy for the military.

Duckworth began by telling reporters that Trump’s remarks are a reminder of why “Donald Trump does not deserve to be the commander in chief for four more minutes, let alone another four years,” and that “I’m ready to replace Donald Trump with Joe Biden because we need a president who will actually show our soldiers and Marines and airmen and Coast Guardsmen and sailors the respect that they deserve, a president who understands the risks they face, a president who respect their men and women of our military, not insult them.”

Mr. Khan reminded reporters of Trump’s many public comments that are consistent with the remarks being reported, and slammed Trump by saying, among other things, that “His soul is that of a coward,” and that Trump “does not deserve a minute of being commander-in-chief of this great nation” and its armed forces.

Rep. Lamb talked about his own pride as a veteran, and ripped Trump for failing to help Vietnam vets suffering from the effects of Agent Orange.

But when asked if Trump should be called on to resign, Sen. Duckworth indicated such a conversation would be a “distraction.”

“I think we have an election, and that’s what we should focus on right now, and he’s doing everything that he can to undermine and taint the election,” Duckworth said, and went on to add “I don’t think that we need any more discussions that are, that would distract the American people from the election that’s at hand.”

“I think it’s very clear that Americans have a choice. Do they vote for a military family, for Vice President Biden, who truly cares about our troops, or for a cowardly commander in chief who has turned his back on our servicemen and women and our veterans, and who continues to denigrate their service every single day?” Duckworth said.

Elsewhere during the Q&A, the campaign resisted calling on the sources for the story to come forward and be named, citing the protection of press freedoms.

Listen to the press call above via Mediaite.